Wish I Will Always Be There

Ink on mailed postcard
Set of 130: 17.5 × 12.7cm each

Hong Kong is renowned for its majestic skyline and vibrant nightlife, captivating tourists and inspiring numerous cyberpunk narratives. However, the 2019 Hong Kong protests ignited a deep reflection among its citizens about our identity and how we are perceived by others. This introspection forms the basis of my project.

This body of work began with a collection of postcards purchased from a tourist spot depicting Victoria Harbour's iconic skyline shimmering against the water. While postcards often present an idealized impression of a location, they fall short of capturing its true spirit. The subsequent waves of emigration following the protests have left a silent scar on the city, marking a profound cultural and emotional shift.

In response, I embarked on a journey to re-photograph our city from the same vantage points used in these postcards, capturing images at hourly intervals. Each photograph was then sent back to my address in Hong Kong—a poetic act to document and reflect on the sense of loss and shifting identity.

Through this series, I aim to explore what remains of Hong Kong when the night lights fade. The windows of its skyscrapers, once beacons of light and hope, now raise questions about what persists beyond the visible, in the quiet afterglow of departure.

au revoir