Yuk Tsang Ng , Albert

In the Raw Wind of the New World

Inkjet prints on matte paper

"In the Raw Wind of the New World," a poignant photo series by Ng YukTsang, explores the delicate and transient nature of memories in our digitally dominated era, focusing on his past long-distance relationship from London to Hong Kong. This series reflects on the societal implications of modern diasporas and the proliferation of image culture in a globalized world. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences and Byung-Chul Han's "The Agony of Eros," Ng uses his archived photos to delve into how couples perceive the abundance of intimate photos post-relationship, contemplating the detachment of love amidst technological advancements.

Comprising seven photographs, the series bridges the gap between the impersonal digital realm and the physicality of Ng's photographic archives. Through acts of tearing, cutting, and crumbling, Ng creates a visual narrative from his vulnerable memories, portraying photographs as tangible remnants of existence rather than flawless visuals. This approach challenges traditional photography perceptions, treating photos like brushstrokes on a canvas to form blurred, personal archives.

Ng’s work seeks to reconnect with the physical world, emphasizing the intrinsic value of these photographic moments in an age where digital platforms often reduce intimate photos to mere symbols of connection. The fragmented and reassembled photos symbolize the act of leaving imprints, capturing the essence of memory and the complex dynamics of modern relationships influenced by digital platforms.

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