In the Raw Wind of the New World

Inkjet prints on matte paper

"In the Raw Wind of the New World" is a photographic exploration borne from artist's turbulence of a long-distance relationship between London and Hong Kong, delving into the ephemeral nature of memory within our digital realm. Over the course of a year, as distance dictated the contours of love, images emerged as pivotal communicative tools. Yet, the absence of the beloved in images became an ever-present echo. Images communication, traversing time zones, entwined the past with the present—morphing moments lived into memories cherished, revealing love’s inherent fragility and vulnerability.

This series is cultivated from a trove of personal images from the remnants of artist's archive with his past lover. Through the transformation of photographs—via tearing, cutting, and folding—Artist bestow upon them traces as prove of presence. These altered fragments are reconstituted into collages that dwell in the interstices of clarity and obscurity, merging the abstract with the tangible, and intertwining the past with the now. Prioritizing tactile resonance over visual precision on a plane canvas, these new images symbolize the inexorable gulf between the digital facade and the corporeal world.

This series probe for a deeper comprehension of memory and distance that meanders through the elusive demarcation of the digital and the actual. This series offers a novel lens on perception, an invitation to view the digital age through a mosaic of emotion and time.

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