Yuk Tsang Ng , Albert

Through challenging the materiality, formation, and presentation of photography which all undergo rapid evolution in the digital era, Albert Ng probes into the nuanced dilemma between actual reality and subjective perception that arises to one in the act of looking. His thematic exploration on the intimacy and fragility of human entanglement further percolates down through the fragmentary essence in his photography. Ng invites the audience to go through the photographic papers and submerge into the interlocking relationship between the visual presentation and the notion underneath.

Born in 1999, Hong Kong
Based in London, England

Full Bio

Born in 1999 in Hong Kong and now based in London, Yuk Tsang Ng, a recent MA Photography graduate from the London College of Communication at the University of the Arts London, is an innovative artist renowned for blending found imagery, archives, and the materiality of photographs. His work, a fusion of autobiographical and fictional narratives, delves into themes of love, loss, intimacy, and vulnerability, reflecting on the digital era and photography's history. Employing groundbreaking techniques, Ng challenges perceptions of images and their impact on physicality in the contemporary world, continually evolving his approach through the latest digital platforms and technologies. His unique artistic vision bridges the gap between digital and physical realms, offering new insights into the translation of memories and perceptions through photography.

Ng’s innovative techniques, which challenge traditional norms of archival documentation, reveal a profound understanding of photography references in film study, historical painting, and poetry. Ng views his role as transcending that of a traditional photographer; he sees himself akin to a painter, using fragmented photographs as brushstrokes to create his art. This innovative approach led him to conceptualize fragmented photos as a unique, standalone medium. His work is characterized by a blend of technology and physicality, creating atmospheric spaces that echo the digital realm. Ng utilizes both personal archives and found imagery, treating photographs with processes like tearing, cutting, and crumbling. This layering technique culminates in large-scale photo installations, where reassembled photo fragments are overlaid and then photographed again. The resulting images are a juxtaposition of clarity and ambiguity, past and future, abstraction and recorded memory.

Ng's artistic talents have been showcased in several group exhibitions. His notable showcases include the LCC Postgraduate Shows at the Upper Gallery in London; "Feel it, Show it, Sorted" at Belsize Community Library, London; "Savouring Shadows" and "Within Bounds" at Copeland Gallery, London; the LCC MA Photography Work In Progress Show at Well Gallery, London; "NIGHT MOODS" by Shutter Hub online; the Dimensional Civilization Archeology Exhibition at Infectment, Hong Kong; the Academy of Visual Arts HKBU graduation show in Hong Kong; and the AVA Freshman Exhibition in Hong Kong. Additionally, Ng has been a part of the Uncool Artist residency in New York and featured in various media outlets, including Canto Cutie Volume 7 in the US and Stand News in Hong Kong.


2022- 2023    MA Photography, University of the Arts London, London College of Communication, London

2017-  2021     BA Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions

2024    Experimental Photo Festival, Barcelona

2023    LCC Postgraduate Shows, Upper Gallery, London

2023    Feel it, Show it, Sorted, Belsize Community Library, London

2023    Landscape, The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, London

2023    Savouring Shadows, Copeland Gallery, London

2023    Within Bounds, Copeland Gallery, London

2023    LCC MA Photography Work In Progress Show, Well Gallery, London

2023    Shutter Hub, NIGHT MOODS, Online

2021    Dimensional Civilization Archeology Exhibition, Infectment, Hong Kong

2021    Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU graduation show, Hong Kong

2017    AVA Freshman Exhibition, Hong Kong


2024  Uncool Artist, New York


2023    Canto Cutie Volume 7, US

2020    Stand News, Hong Kong

2016     Stand News, Hong Kong

2015     The 21th Ifva festival, Hong Kong

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