Yuk Tsang Ng , Albert


Inkjet prints on matte paper
8cm x 5.66cm x 24

In the passage of a second, does everything that exists within that moment also slip away? If time keeps moving second by second, why do some people seem to be trapped in the past? In Elephant,  a single second is dispersed into various frames, akin to how we perceive the world through the monitors. Does the world possess more seconds than we do? When a second is divided into 24 frames in a movie, does that second feel longer to us somehow?

Within the span of a second, what transpires? How much one has actually missed in a second? Ng employs time to replace the photographer's subjective perspective, utilising the cinematic language of  24 frames per second to capture emotions as much as possible. Yet, amidst the multitude of frames, does it lead to a more complete emotional capture, or does it render emotions more fragmented?

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